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Convert Back to Non-RP?

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Thread: Convert Back to Non-RP?

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    Convert Back to Non-RP?

    OK, since we really have done ZERO roleplay since the idea to make this switch I think maybe we will abandon this idea.

    I'd like to know everyone's thoughts please.

    What it would mean -

    1 - Yes, the xp bank would open back up.
    2 - I would redo the real estate vendor to key the houses to CD Key instead of character.
    3 - We would begin allowing more of the non-standard subraces that give appearance changes.

    All of these things sound wonderful I know. However, let's keep in mind that we're after a player base so please think of what will bring players as most important.

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    Ok well somethings to chew on:

    Have you advertised the server on the vault and or bioware forums? The "you build it and they will come" theory doesn't apply here.

    There are new people, non WN, that come play but it isn't on a regular basis because at any given time this week there were 0 players online, when people see a 0 in the server numbers they don't like to play there usually. I tend to fin more people randomly join if there is at least 1 person online.

    I want to be quite honest, the changes that were made to the server have been quite nice. the look ant the feel of it is a lot better, but it seems like WN people are literally the only people that game there. Which has been how it always has been since I have been in WN. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the people that still play nwn have a set server they have played on for a long time and haven't or wont take the time to find someplace new to play and explore on.

    So realistically any changes that are made are just for us that play on it, you may find that some will come and play for a while but none seem to stay for more than a day.

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    I'm with Blade on the ideas. Advertise and market.

    I seriously think you make the changes you listed above but keep the rest of the server how it is. It is strong and enjoyable right now.

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    I like the idea a lot... Im not sure what the XP bank is, but I know what you are talking about with the real estate, and I like that idea a lot.

    And marketing it would not be a big deal either, it would actually not be very hard, just some comments here and there in the right places... Once i have a steady internet connection I will try to stay logged in more often even if AFK for a little while to maybe promote more people looking at the server list to stop by. As it is more fun to play some game with a group of people than it is solo. As long as there is someone available to help the new people in getting started and such.

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