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09-10-2005, 03:40 PM
ok well as u may know i have started developing space fighters, well that was then

This is now...

General Prudence Hanover says, "We should spend more. But not just on exploration. We should start developing Orbital Weapons! Space Marines! Armed Spacecraft! We would rule the region, and look cool doing it! Just divert some funding from environmental protection, and BAM! Sci-fi goodies!"

so i will be building ion cannons and various other space cannons now i know missy was hoping to launch toxins from space, i have managed to beat her, but missy u can team up with my space regime to help boost what you have so your idea is not lost,

i will be making a space army's, defenses and fighter's (think x-wings and sh*t from star wars and ur on the right track hehehe)

now i will also be making some extra weaponry that won't do any damage but will be highly effective, well darakain gave me idea for this with his nuke 'gifts' i am of course talking about sum emp cannons

now i will with my new country (check your countries thread for details) be making an advanced airforce with a skybase where i can lauch from, floating fortress kinda thing (with its own large laser-beam defenses on it), they will take out what they can before our enimies can even leave our atmosphere completely, thats when my space fighter's pick off the rest :P

right what else, oh yeah my new country (prendatram) will also be making tanks etc, the only thing we have left to sort out is navy, which i will leave (don't wanna hog all the fun)

so, to sum up, ninja panda's will have elite stealth crack infantry squads and space fighters with space weapons (ion cannons and emp's) which missy can use for her chemical missiles and prendatram will take tanks and air

u know with all our technology combined can we be beaten?

09-10-2005, 07:02 PM
Fantasic, we shall rule the world in no time :D