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08-13-2005, 10:59 PM
Well I figured we should have a sticky thread where we can post up information about our countries. Now, because with each issue you pass, you change your countries bio on the Nation States page I wouldn't reccomend just cutting and pasting the info in the thread.

Things you could tell us about: Your government (who's in it, who runs it, how's it holding up), interesting facts about your country, some history (Ooooh now we have to get creative!) or anything else you feel might be worthwhile.

So Trog: If you could sticky this for me..... :)

08-13-2005, 11:14 PM
The Dominion Of Miss Chaos

The Dominion of Miss Chaos is at first glance, a country stinking of hypocrisy and corruption. While the country is under the tight control of a manipulative, power hungry dictator, it's people still hold dear the ideals of freedom of speech and have been lulled into a false sense of security by it's leader, who ensured her people's loyalty by introducing non-compulsory voting.

The Dominion understands the value of it's nation's youth and it's progressive social policies in the areas of welfare and education, alongside a well funded police force, keep crime at a low level and the future of the country in school.

The country, while under the iron fist of it's tyrannical leader does not regret what's important and places value in the safety and loyalty of it's citizens, understanding that happy people are productive people and productive people have helped to build the nation's primary area of export: Cheese. It has also helped to build a thriving book publishing industry.

While one may expect such a corrupt nation to pour most of it's funds into military, the Dominion places a higher value on the life of it's people as they are the one's that keep the country alive.

The Dominions leader: Royal & Almighty Miss Chaos founded this fledgling nation after taking control during a civil war and has had a hand in every aspect of it's birth. During the nation's early years her husband tried to murder her to take power but she ordered him shot in the only public execution throughout history.

URL: http://www.nationstates.net/cgi-bin/index....tion=miss_chaos (http://www.nationstates.net/cgi-bin/index.cgi/target=display_nation/nation=miss_chaos)

MEMBER OF: Insanity Divided (Region Founder)

(I'll post more later :P)

08-13-2005, 11:32 PM
Ok looks like im forst, bear with me, as i write this its 5am, and i was up at 8 yesterday!

ok so down to business

Nation: The Empire of Evil Ninja Panda's

Region: Isnaity Divided

UN Category: Psychotic Dictatorship :devil:

Almost everything in my 'tiny' country is outlawed, despite this crime, especially in the youth is very low. Defence, Social Welfare, and Commerce are the main competeing demands of the government, some of which are siblings of the Dictator.

The national animal is of course the Panda which live in neighbouring protected forests where they are bred succesfully. The local currency is bamboo.

The biggest part of the private sector is Gambling and the income trax rate is at a healthy 24%


The Empire has been in the rule of the current emporer'ss family for several generations with the current emperor rumored to finished or close to it a formula for immortality. However the current rulers have had to fight their way to leadership which they managed to do 200 years ago during a drawn out civil war when the country was know under a different name, no record exists of that know and most people have forgotten it. It is said that they arrived promising to help the civilians overthrow the government using their army of ninja panda's, which they did, so succesfully that they usurped themselves as leaders and became more evil rulers than their predecessors. Over the last 2 centuries there have been several attempts to wipe them out but all were crushed with ease with the last attempt being most succesful as rebels managed to kill the 'head' of the family, but they failed to take out the rest, leaving his son, the current ruler, to take charge, he appointed his brother and sister in to high ranking posistions in the government and seized complete control. After a further 2 years of fighting the rebels begged for a truce and were forced to live with the government in charge.

08-15-2005, 07:05 AM
The Federation of Raid Infernal
"Advanced Power Armour - Man's gift to his armed forces"
Corporate Police State

Raid Infernal was founded during WWII when a group of British soldiers stationed in the Pasific came across a large, uninhabited island. Over time, the military-based nation grew into a flourishing empire as it's low income tax attracted more people and corporations. Corporations quickly began to fund the government and it's aims, in return for immunity to certain laws and other sorts of power. The most powerful corporation - the Brotherhood of the Dawn - creates military hardware. It developed the Powered Armour and then the Advanced Power Armour - the latter giving the bearer the same protection as a small tank, with a large boost to the user's physical strength.

The population is now at 8+ million - 4 million of which are in the armed forces. The other 4 million are in Health, the Corporations and other less well-represented areas. Every citizen about the age of 18 must spend a year in the armed forces.

The country is kept in order with an iron fist as 10% of it's armed forces represent the Police Force. It's peoples are barcoded to track their movements and prevent unauthorised crime. Youths caught graffitiing are imprisoned - adults caught graffitiing are shot on sight.

The government is a dictatorship, with democracy banned. "opposition" political parties are full of the government's puppets, and are simply there to show that Raid Infernal's current government truely is "the best".

National animal:
Raid Infernal's national animal is, laughably, the soldier. There could be several bad ways of looking at this, but nobody's going to say anything.

National currency:
The brotherhood script is a testament to the Brotherhood of the Dawn and its hefty contributions. Because the brotherhood now has it's own currency in the nation, the government has banned it from shipping its goods elsewhere, and has demanded all other buildings belonging to the brotherhood outside Raid Infernal be shut down. Several of the brotherhood's buildings unfortunate enough to be slow enough to shut down have... exploded.

"The valiant and honourable" HellRaid is the third to come to power in Raid Infernal. He renamed the country and set it in its inevitably militarised tracks. Outlawing democracy and forcing organ donations were his first two legislations. He continues to rule his country with an iron fist, and public executions by firing squad are always a must-see. Currently some of his people are about to start a pro-nazi rally. He plans to ambush and exterminate the rally. Stupid Nazis.

Region: Raid Infernal is a member of Insanity Divided.

Recruits: Raid Infernal has recruited an allied country, Insane Muffins, to the region.

Raid Infernal is a safe nation, and very rich. It's people are very nasty - especially to outsiders - but what do you expect if every person has had at least 1 year in the military?

-=Hell Out=-

09-09-2005, 03:50 PM
The Armed Republic of Prendatram

Hey all this is my new country


A new country formed to stop a second civil war in the Empire of Ninja Panda's, a break away country that was once just a small humble county untill its population grew to 5 million and was large enough to be declared a new country, run on much of the same beliefs of the Ninja Panda's it is a very militarised country and the newly formed government will always cease the opportunity to devlop its armed forces when the issue arises, despite not being on the best of terms with the Ninja Panda's they have a peacful alliance, as was part of the agreement for their seperation.

They are now looking to make allies with their neighbouring country's in the region. In the run up to the impending war, they have yet to develop a specialising area but the early indications suggest armed vehicles and heavily armoured transport will be the focus, they are also looking at the possibilty of utilising the technology behind the hovercraft in an effort to avoid landmines. An airforce is also said to be in the works