View Full Version : How often...

09-25-2003, 05:46 PM
well, lets see

09-25-2003, 05:54 PM
OMG Madd is the Coolest person ever! I wish i could be like him!!!! :-)

(sorry i just had to try and abuse my new powers on somebody)

09-25-2003, 06:26 PM
i fail to see waht's funny....j/k

i just wanted to see how the poll thingy works, that really it :P

WNxIthron Eldin
09-25-2003, 06:35 PM
I voted one week because, well, the job description called for at least 1 poll per week.

09-25-2003, 10:09 PM
ok, well dont forget to lock the old polls when you put out new ones. :)

09-25-2003, 11:57 PM
Yeah and don't make bullshit polls like, "What is your favorite color?" or "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll?" that is gay and would not like to see stuff like that. Another forum I know of have enough crap there to choke a BigMouthed Bass.

09-26-2003, 08:41 PM
al, ill just use the"run poll for ____ days" thing, and if it starts to be weird ill just close em

09-27-2003, 12:15 AM
listen to ole maddy...so smart....

Almuric --> :chainsaw: <--Madd