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08-12-2008, 12:48 PM
Last Sunday I created and ran an RP event with members of the Warrior Nation clan. For the great success of the event I will open it to whomever wants to join in.

Right now were at the second story of the event.

The first story was:

Role Play event for Daegard: Archill Undead Invasion.

The name of our enemy.

With Bandor barricaded, the undead have not spread their specific influence, but if ever that barricade fails, Daegard itself will be flooded with endless suffering for years to come, by an unknown being that controls them.

Just a few days ago the Bandor barricade was breached for a few moments, but the Daegard soldiers resealed it. Scouts have reported a few undead passed by, few enough not to need an undead hunting party to be sent out, specially since they need the extra men to resecure the breach. What they don't know is that one of them is a priest that raises the dead to fight for their cause. In the meantime a group of people found themselves in Archill just moments before the Archill siege begins. Their decision in the upcoming siege will deem if everyone in Archill will live, or be raised as undead soldiers.

The continuation, The search for the name of Nothing is the aftermath of the battle the party experienced.

Role Play event for Daegard: The search for the name of Nothing

Archill was besieged by undead, lead by an unknown Cult Member. After securing the town and gathering soldiers, adventurers set out to protect the town, either for riches or for honor. Wave after wave they resisted the undead siege, until no more. They were near death and the battle nearly lost, but Archill was spared a dark fate by adventurers who were close to the dark sleep themselves. Daegard soldiers broke the back of the enemy and routed the undead, coming just in time to save the adventurers from death. In the end, the mysterious cult member said a name, Tharizdun.
Now that they saved the town of Archill, they must search for the meaning behind that name, a name nearly forgotten by time and, some say, by the will of the Gods themselves.

This second event is scheduled for Sunday 17th
Pacific Time: 11:00AM
Eastern Time: 2:00PM
Western Europe Time: 7:00PM

Anyone wanting to attend must create a new character. Simply either log on that day a little earlier before the event so a DM can level you to level 5. You will be given some gear and money. You will start over at Archill, but will move out of there. Don't worry if you're new, since at the beginning of the event I will RP talk what happened during the siege, and anyone new I will just place as a willing soldier or perhaps an obligated prisoner if you want, that decided to come with the party and help out. The reason will be given in-game.

Timeouts will be given at player discretion, but don't overuse them since many people will be playing.
You must RP talk during the entire event. Failure to do so will result in you alone in a prison cell with many many demonic chickens.
One party for the event. Only exception is if an RP option is given, and decision falls to the players.
Even if you don't assist to this event, any person found hampering the RP experience for the party will receive an enormous DM boot up the ass.
The RP character will only be used for this event. If found using the same character outside the event for gaining XP, XP transfer, or item transfer or gaining will result in deletion of the character to be created again, plus deletion of any character such transaction was given to or for. This is done since the character will be auto leveled for the difficulty of every event. The very last of these story events will probably require a level 40 character, for the difficulty that will be given to the party, but that will not happen in a long time. Anyway, its possible that the end event will probably reward you with the very same character all geared up and powered, so don't screw up the opportunity!

You will be given XP, gear, and gold for your current character, plus a chance to get to know the community of Daegard.

Try and log in time for the start of the event.

As of now, it is known that the party consists of:
2 Fighter
2 Cleric
1 Wizard
1 Druid
1 Barbarian
1 Bard
Since its fairly balanced you can choose whichever character you'll want to RP with. Some people may not make it to the event, but difficulty will be given in check with what the party can handle... sometimes anyway.

If you got any other questions feel free to ask them in this thread or PMing me.