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  1. I want...
  2. Avatar upload
  3. Dunno why it took so long...
  4. Needed: Armor and Weapon crafters
  5. Needed: Forums Moderators and Volunteers
  6. Some new Spells....the mages have a chance
  7. Info on the shifter
  8. 1.32 Patch is out!
  9. i don't know where this would go...
  10. Event Creation
  11. what more can i say then w00t!
  12. V5 release party
  13. And it's loading up...
  14. Hi
  15. Where is everyone?
  16. Let us see your Desktop
  17. New and improved "paladin" in HOU, blahhhh
  18. Why are there no players ever online?
  19. Greetings WN
  20. Read this Preview!
  21. Website Update
  22. Sammer :P
  23. Extended true strike?
  24. Script help...
  25. Hello all
  26. Away for 1 week
  27. I need to know.
  28. DM Team Updates
  29. 1.64 Beta
  30. Friday Night Blues
  31. Wandera is owning
  32. hewwwwwwwwo!
  33. Strangers - Post and Say Hello - Make yourself known
  34. Out of Town
  35. Pizza Shapes
  36. The OFFICIAL Midknight Nine fanfic,by JYAP
  37. 1.65 is out
  38. Are you just passing by the forums? PLEASE POST AND SAY HI!
  39. Humm new place to spam
  40. So I stopped in Last night
  41. Throw a random object at the next poster!
  42. oops
  43. just one question
  44. Hey,first-timers/guests!
  45. The Time Coordination Topic
  46. If you could be any class from NWN,who would you be and why?
  47. NWN Server Shutting Down? (Not this one)
  48. So I was playing Star Fox Assault with my friends...
  49. This server SUCKS!
  50. Big Ole Mess
  51. So I finally play again after such a long time...
  52. U_U...my grandma died today...
  53. Oh noes! The servers is down!
  54. Vacation soon
  56. The new Emoticon RPG,brought to you by the Midknight Nine!
  57. Well,life as I know it is now about to change.
  58. Post the times you're available
  59. phpBB Forums = Pain
  60. Cleaning Out MemberList
  61. Site Changes Coming
  62. Happy Birthday!...to me.
  63. OK, So Who Got Lost?
  64. EB Regulars Opinions
  65. Which class are you best with?
  66. Which Prestige Class/Build/Thingy are you best with?
  67. Prelude (NWN Spoof)
  68. Behold!
  69. Starcraft - Light Unorigins (Starcraft Spoof)
  70. Well,I got good news and bad news.
  71. The Lurker's Schedule
  72. It's okay to be jealous.
  73. I got Warcraft!
  74. New recruits?
  75. Warcraft: The Undead Spoof
  76. Putting Mod Back up